The Story of True – Tangled Forest

Patience and True

True had told Patience to hold his coat.  To wait for him.  He would return…but, it took him so long to find his way back.  Patience was tempted to stop believing.  He finally broke through the confusion for only a moment and spoke to her.  She asked him “What is the coat?” it is (in the outer world) a piece of clothing.  But on the inside…True said, “it is a hug, a hand to hold.  Its a whispered voice saying I love you, all will be well.  It is comfort, reassurance and warmth.  It is more than friendship – it is a Bond”.

Patience thought “a safe place where we can be our ‘true’ selves.”  The morning Patience heard from True, she finally heard his voice.  He had never spoken before.  She had thought that his voice would be brown, like leaves on a forest floor, but after hearing him she thought it more like gold flakes drifting in a soft wind to settle on her heart.

True’s loneliness was so profound, he unwittingly allowed her into his world…..he was looking for distraction and found Patience instead.