The Story of True

A New Paradise

A NEW PARADISE (8×8/oil on canvas) by Dorsey McHugh   She dreams of home.  In the past, she did not even dare to believe it existed.  Now, it is a real place.  It expands every moment.  Like a painting that is being painted by some invisible hand, her future reveals itself.  And in this future …

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Thin Places

A Thin Place 8×8 According to Celtic lore, there are places where the distance between heaven and earth collapse and we are able to catch glimpses of the divine.  These are called “thin places”.  I find this intriguing. There is certainly no scientific proof that these places exist.  But, I think we will all agree …

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Message to True

Dearest True, Peace…comes to us through forgiveness. Even True needs forgiveness.  Maybe especially True.        From “an ancient love story”.  It would be easier if we were not fallen…but it is what it is… Lets make something Lovely.            Yours always,                    Patience