You Are Dear

“You are dear.”

What a lovely thing to say to someone. There are few people in our lives who hold that role without question. They are open and soft and they love us. They also tell us the truth. They tell us without any judgement when they think we could try harder to mend a broken friendship. They find a way to get past the thorns growing around our hearts to isolate us. We trust the people who are dear to us. We do all this imperfectly. We stomp over and bump into other hearts all the time. But, love and forgiveness and thanksgiving are waiting for our surrender. It is easy to see where strength lies. It is easy to see how to love when we know we are loved. The few steps it takes to surrender to loving are worth the miles it took to get here. I wonder, if life would change with this being our most treasured priority? I wonder.

1 thought on “You Are Dear”

  1. Dorsey, this is beautiful. The painting, and your words. Relationships should be at the center of our society, but as we know, they are not. At least not predominantly. But we can make these deep, meaningful relationships the center of our lives anyway. And we (you know who we are) do. I’ve found that my number of friends has decreased significantly over the years. But the depth of the few I have has grown exponentially. I’m so grateful for that. And for what those deep, real, raw, loving relationships do for who I am. These relationships are part of me now. That, is ubuntu. And you, my dear friend, are a shinning example of ubuntu in everything you do and create. Much love! And thank you for blessing this world with your art.

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