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for my students

todays advice for my students: Art for me, has been, is, and likely always will be mainly intuitive.  I had some amazing teachers.  Teachers are guides.  They can only point you in a direction.  I try to guide my students to a place where they trust themselves.  We all have obstacles to overcome and in […]

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Friendship is a unique form of loving. A good friend can be like those cool smooth stones you sometimes find. You know…the ones that have lots of patterns and colors in them. I like to have them in my pocket and hold them in my hands sometimes. They give me courage. Friendship is a little miracle. It always surprises me. We can try very hard to be a friend to someone. But, the moment when we realize “this is a friend” is always unexplainable. A friend is permanent. He is someone who builds memories with us. Someone who we can share our inside furniture with. We learn how to be our true selves in our friendships. I have a few friends that have been in my heart for years and years. And a few new ones too, who feel as if they have been there for a long time. I have thought of friendship as being a bridge between souls who are trapped, for now, in their bodies. Some are lovely little garden bridges that are perfect for a sweet conversation. Some are like interstate bridges made for heavy traffic.
There are 4 different words for love in the Greek language. Agape means “unconditional love”. Easier to say than to give or receive. Eros is passionate love. But it is not always sexual in nature. It can become an appreciation for the beauty within a person. Philia is friendship or affection. Friendship implies comfortable familiarity. Storge is the least intimate form of love. It is affection but I see it sometimes as the decision to love someone not very lovable.
Loving is an art form. It explains itself to me in the language of color. These ways of loving overlap and intermingle in the same way that color is woven into a painting. Love, like water is essential for life.

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