Dorsey McHugh

His Workmanship

Tonight, this thought has found its way to me:  That all our sorrows, and all our joys and everything between sorrow and joy makes us who we are.  These things provide us with all the tools we need to accomplish the tasks that belong to us.  We are uniquely made and then uniquely sancitified by …

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Dorsey at Art Walk in Hillsboro Village April 5th

Social Graces is proud to announce they will be hosting artist Dorsey McHugh for the Art Walk in Hillsboro Village April 5th. The Art Walk is from 6-8pm. 10% of the sales from the evening will go to the American Heart Association. Located at 1704 21st Avenue South.  Hope to see you there!

Art is: A Treasure Hunt

Finding Treasure When  we get lemons, it is our opportunity  to make lemonade. We have all had the dream where we are naked in a public place.  Making peace with our inadequacies makes interesting art.  It is my goal to live life in the present.  I don’t have the luxury of always being sure of …

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