Captured By Truth

Walking Each Other Home – 40×40/acrylic on board – in previous blogs and now completed, we have featured the progress on this painting. This is the first painting in a new series inspired by the Ram Dass quote “We’re all just walking each other home”. 

“Let us become wounded healers, helping each other to share the truth of our inner being”. (Barbara Ann Brennan from her book Light Emerging)

Something is happening.  New alliances are forming around us.  Relationships are being born with new purpose.  Friendships, Love, Mentors…are all rallying to the call of ‘walking each other home.’ We have all found ourselves in survival mode.  This is not a competition.  We all have times of need, and of abundance.  We live from our abundance. As I am drawn to a person, this mutual sharing is what I look for. Whoever crosses my path is there for a reason.  Usually to teach me or learn from me, or to help me in some other way..  Some times these bridges are strong enough to carry a great deal of weight.  Sometimes they are designed for learning, for conversation, for artistic light.  Some of us are light bearers, listening for the next conversation or the next act of kindness to direct us.  We watch for our muse to clarify where the next clue is.  Where the next painting, poem or song will be found.

There are rules – more like principles…to guide us.  We keep in mind the clear admonition to maintain a positive approach; to bring our minds into the captivity of Truth.  This painting we create of our lives, is designed for light and for love.  It is an adventure…for sure.





2 thoughts on “Captured By Truth”

  1. Bernadette Keaggy

    Good thoughts. Kindness rules. We need each other! Life is an ebb and flow, we absorb what is around us, what we allow to come in and give out…

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