The Empty Spaces Are Not Empty

You may have heard me mention my screened in porch where I have early coffee nearly every morning of the week. I like to be the only person up; meditating with no distractions. Last week, I was well into the process of emptying my mind, when I began to be conscious of the positive spaces before me. The trees and bushes……the flowers, lawn furniture……the teal blue shed which sits patiently, and the little stone patio my nephew Josh laid years ago. All these positive images hold memories and emotions. Every thing else in my view was a negative space. The air……colorless…..empty of object has never captured my attention in quite this way. I saw (with my imagination) flashes of light in that negative space. Then more light flashes. Colors… I became aware of this thought. The empty spaces were not empty. They were host to any number of light, tinted, ethereal creatures. The spaces held angels and muses who were playing, rejoicing really, all around and through the solids. It made me think how mysterious and lovely life is on this planet. These creatures were here to play, be creative and be involved with us in any way they possibly can be. Good manners dictate their behavior toward us. They help only when invited. They inspire when this is what we seek. Our lives would hold so much less beauty without them. This has become one of those guiding roses which lead and encourage me farther in and farther up. Forever this.

Peace, Dorsey

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