Gc1 A Merry Heart 30x24

Let’s celebrate! This thought has been part of my soul for a very long time….when life is difficult, when things don’t happen the way we want.  When we are in need, the best solution is to have a party!  Celebrate !!!  Be thankful!  I believe in magic – not hocus pocus magic, real magic!  A merry heart is like a medicine.  It does good.  When we find our courage to be thankful in the face of pain, sadness, trouble…we begin to see transformation inside ourselves and outside in others.  We learn secrets we could never learn otherwise.  The gifts inside us let us find them.  We are filled where we once were empty.  If we can decide to accept the moment with everything it holds and rejoice on purpose.  I suspect we all can find a great deal in our lives to be thankful for…let’s do it on purpose.  Let’s turn the music up and dance through our days.  Let us raise our hands in the air and shout thank you to the heavens!  I can promise it wont be lonely.  You will find yourself in precious company.  Happy Season of Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for you all!!!


2 thoughts on “Jubilee!!”

  1. I agree with you I have gone trough some very difficult times in my live
    but i have never given up There is alway’s sunshine on the horizon

    Gallerie Amsterdam

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