Instruments of Peace

Image: A Different Perspective 36×24/acrylic on wood


I can easily see your sincerity.  Your kindness is genuine.  Every trace of warmth and love we give away – goes into our own account.  You have seen this working in you.  If you make Love your highest purpose, it will pour itself into your every day.  Sit quietly and focus on what effects Love has in you.  Love is the highest path you have to choose from.  Once you have begun to  embrace this path…you will begin to see it everywhere.  Life is never easy all the time. But when we take ourselves out of the conflict, we become instruments of peace.  We begin to see new possibilities.  Living in love is our reality now.  It’s all in our decisions.  We don’t have to earn or achieve. We are asked to surrender.  I trust Love’s guidance.  Love is the substance of things I hope for.  It is the reality of what I want and cannot yet see. As I have gotten to know Love’s path, I am convinced of its power.  We cannot be perfect. But Love is perfect. And as we walk in its light…it changes us.

Loving you now…

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