Become Love

I am increasingly aware that when we love someone, it becomes a point of bonding to them. We have volunteered to be willing contributors to their well-being. We are truly one with them. We add to the well-being of the planet and its people. The benefits flow to us as well. The more room we have for love, the less room there is for war. To love or not becomes the only choice for us. When we choose love, we become Love.

1 thought on “Become Love”

  1. Love this, Dorsey. So thankful I get to see your love expressed in my own home each day….reminds me of Him through your gifted hands. I love this sweet lamb. My daughter adopted the most beautiful boy a year ago after fostering him almost a year. He has been named “Joy Boy” as he grows in the love that surrounds him. His name is Ezra, and he’s full blooded native american, high functioning autistic, and has captured our hearts with his over flowing love.

    Is this painting for sale or already claimed?

    Praying you are surprised by love today in ways only the Lord could fashion just for you.

    Hugs from Nashville

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