Just Get On With It

Love.  Trust.  Eventually it requires you to take your clothes off and jump over the cliff into unknown territory, believing Love will catch you.  You let go of being right or wrong.  You learn to let go of ego’s bullying and all your fears and negative judgements.  To just get on with it.  Loving in this moment…the only bit of reality that belongs to us.

2 thoughts on “Just Get On With It”

  1. Dorsey, Love Your painting!!! Hope all is well. Is Angel still doing framing?I have a painting to frame and do not know how to get in touch with her. Please, ca you send info!
    Miss seeing your beautiful work at Auld Alliance, so rich in person.
    I have my work at The Art Company…..Take care

  2. Hello my “talented earth angel” thank you for sharing your beautiful artistic talents & loving words of encouragement. Prayers rising for you. Big hugs! Uncle Tommy

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