“These chickens were born and raised in France. To be specific, in the Dordogne river valley.  They speak French. (I know this because they didn’t understand a word I said.)  They were a major reason why I chose that particular house to rent as I planned to go to France a few years ago. They were full of color and simply had to live on a canvas.  They also reminded me of a vivid memory I have of chickens when I was nearly 5 years old.  My Sister, Kit, was left in charge of me for a couple hours on a Sunday morning.  We lived on a little farm 13 miles from the farming community of Newell.  (Population: 500).  Kit got it in her mind that we would go out to the chicken coup and kill a chicken, pluck its feathers, and have Sunday dinner ready for our parents when they came home.   As I was in her charge, I was allowed in on this mission.  We had no trouble catching a chicken.  Kit wrung its neck just as she had seen our mom do a hundred times. But, she apparently didn’t wring hard enough as the chicken jumped out of her hands and ran around the chicken yard again.  So she grabbed another and another with the same result.  Those chickens just wouldn’t die.  We finally gave up, returned to the house and continued whatever we were doing before.  When our parents got home, they could see that something was wrong in the chicken coup.  There were poor expired chickens strewn all about.  Apparently chickens have a several moment delay before they actually stop moving. We had in fact killed nearly all the chickens.  Our mom worked all day plucking and freezing chickens.  Kit got in big trouble, and I was kind of ignored.  I guess they figured since it wasn’t my idea, they couldn’t be angry with me. Besides, I was only 4.”  Dorsey McHugh
Les Belles Poulles – limited edition giclee (series of 150) – hand-embellished by Dorsey on stretched canvas, ready for framing or gallery-wrapped and no framing is needed. They are available in 4 sizes:
20×20 – $400 (stretched canvas) or $450 (gallery-wrapped canvas)
24×24 – $500 (stretched canvas) or $550 (gallery-wrapped canvas)
30×30 – $750 (stretched canvas) or $800 (gallery-wrapped canvas)
If you are interested in purchasing a giclee, please contact Susan Miller at info@83k.c8a.myftpupload.com or phone a t615.293.3623. Thank you!
Dorsey McHugh Fine Art

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      1. anyway, thanks again. I actually care about the spelling. I went to Scotland through the last month. because I usually name my pieces, spelling is important.

  1. Susan,

    Are these giclee’s still available? And when is Dorsey due to arrive? I have tried posting on her blogs but they don’t show up. I had saved this one in my emails because I loved it so much and just came across it again.



    1. hi Angela, I got home last night. It was really a good adventure. restful, stimulating in a creative way. I am sorry that i have neglected to approve the posts on my wordfued site. I forgot my password and then forgot to carry it with me when i found it. but now, i will remember Im sure. ha!! anyway. Susan will probably tell you this, but, yes we have these giclees available in most square sizes. Please contact susan for the prices. I dont have those next to me right now, but they are of course much less than an original. cant wait to see you. I hope you are well!!!!! dorsey

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