My Favorite Things- 12 Days of Christmas- Day 5!

8x8-17  ....another paradise
A NEW PARADISE  (8×8/oil on canvas)

She dreams of home. In the past, she did not even dare to believe it existed. Now, it is a real place. It expands every moment like a painting that is being painted by some invisible hand, her future reveals itself. And in this future she finds True. 

Patience has paid her dues. She believes now.  It has cost a great deal of pain to reach this point. But as her faith paints more and more in focus, her memory of pain becomes something else. Wisdom. The sharp edges of pain become broken lines. And she learned long ago that a broken line is a more beautiful line. 

True has been waiting also. He has been building. Building a house with character, with honesty, with truth. Growing a garden with Love. A place for them to live. A safe place.  A new paradise……………


Happy Holidays from Dorsey McHugh Fine Art!  Dorsey is offering 12 paintings, ‘My Favorite Things’ – 8×8 oil on wrapped canvas – for a special price this season. Each painting is $300, plus $20 for shipping & handling if not locally purchased. Beginning  today, December 1st through December 12th, we will post the image of one painting on her blog – If you would like to purchase one of the 12 paintings, you can contact us at or by phone/text to Susan at 615-293-3623. Peace and Joy to you…Dorsey McHugh Fine Art