No Worries…It’s Only a Ride

Featured art – Choose Love (acrylic on board/10×21)

Right now, I am sitting with my laptop, struggling to find the right words to describe how this new thought is affecting me. I am thinking that if I have to come up with something interesting to say, I’m gonna blow it. So, I quit. No need for wisdom today. The pressure is off. Finally.

My observation is this: when I write something which has energy, life – it has its own energy. As much as I do want to take credit for the cool stuff, it is impossible to deny that Life happens all by itself.  A tiny seed gets planted and even if we absent mindedly take care of it, the job gets done and it’s the biggest, healthiest plant.  So, I am going to try to remember that life…..all of life is a ride.  This week, I heard two different comedians say, “no worries, its only a ride”.  It must be true then. Hahaha.

So, this has all been inspired by the thought I had a few weeks ago about negative spaces in a painting.  In art, we normally focus on the objects and let the negative spaces in between take care of themselves.  I saw one morning – as I drank my first cup of coffee, watched the sun rise and listened to the birds sing – the negative spaces were not empty. The negative spaces in a painting are where all the invisible things have life.

I’m thinking that learning how to communicate the emotional quality of an image in the negative places is the secret key of an invitation. Inviting someone to remember who they are …. …..remembering someone who loved them…….remembering how amazing the night sky was…..the wonder. Gratitude, joy, love, hope, all worth painting….all found in those “in between spaces.  It depends on what you want.  Do you want to be a great draftsman, a recorder of things? Or would you rather know you speak a wordless language?  A language of color and light, a language where exaggeration is not lying.

Peace, Dorsey

6 thoughts on “No Worries…It’s Only a Ride”

  1. Dorsey, you never have to say a word, your paintings spread life and color over the soul.
    Love your periwinkle blue, a favorite color of mine, or as a dear friend from Paris told me, “That’s French Blue!” So it is!

  2. do you ever have work shops I live in murfreesboro tn one of your painting is hanging in the hospital lobby

    1. Yes, Dorsey teaches weekly from her home in Nashville. If you’d like, I can add your email to the weekly email I send out for classes. Thank you! Susan

    2. Hi cora. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes my work was purchased for the new hospital. Two later pieces. I think they are both in the lobby. Smiles, dorsey

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