Hobbits…Alive and Well in Scotland!

Good morning from the highlands in bonny Scotland!!!  It has taken me a few days to be still and put my Scottish wings on.  I have been here 4 weeks now.  This life continues to nourish me.  I think I’ve been adopted.  It feels like Scotland, herself,  has wrapped her arms around me to tell me She loves me too.  I came here looking for “thin places”.  Those crossroads of energy in which the atmosphere is discernably different.  Places where the barrier between heaven and earth – the spiritual and the physical – is “thinner”.  (Easier to see through and to get across.)  I have found these people, whether they are educated or not, to have a spiritual depth and grounding unlike any I have seen before.  The everyday people take it for granted that they know what is important.  It was evident to me 4 years ago, when I came here for the first time,  how similar we are.  And yet…not.  The language is supposedly the same.  We both speak English.  It continues to make me laugh when I have no understanding of what is being said.  Sounds like bells and whistles at times.  When I get tired of concentrating, I just listen to the lilting music of their conversation. These people love “honor” – and fun, and their families.  (Not to mention beer and food and music and, of course, conversation.)   I am living in a shared house with a few others. This is not a capitalistic country.  They do not carry the pressure of having to be a monetary  “success”.  Yet, they are so rich.  Having read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings multiple times in my adult life,  I know where Tolkien came up with all his characters.  I have met them.  There are hobbits…elves…Druids…Kings, queens and princesses.  All alive and well in Scotland.   More on this later.

Peace, Dorsey

3 thoughts on “Hobbits…Alive and Well in Scotland!”

  1. Dorsey it sounds like a magical journey. Thanks for sharing …it has lifted me up from the hustle and bustle back hcanvas!ere in Nashville. Looking forward to your new dreams on

  2. I MISS you! A bushel & a peck. This leprechaun needs your lilting laughter & your paintbrush inspiration!! Have fun…then get over it & rush back. You are missed & loved!!

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