The Best Ingredient

In the last few years, I’ve have been focused more and more on relationships. As with anything, there are myriad ways of approaching this topic. We live in a many-layered reality. Planet earth…we are made from this earth – our first accomplishments have to do with learning how to function within the limits of gravity. At the same time, we are becoming familiar with the limitations and strengths of of our internal dimension. We are a spirit…we have a soul… we live in a body. Our education, in all these dimensions, begins at birth. So, from the beginning, we are bombarded with information. And, we learn a lot of things – that will need to be unlearned – when we are ready to be a contributing member of society. For most of us, the society of family is first. Our skill at walking, running, communicating, joins with our understanding of Love and our ability to navigate in this world. And then, we sharpen our intuitive abilities; we gain wisdom and learn how to communicate with more clarity. A relationship is the color combination of what is shared in the exchange. Different combinations are more desirable than others. Because of our uniqueness, this becomes life’s most appealing adventure. I am learning to see and to feel the reality of what is being exchanged in my relationships. This awareness is helping me stay mindful of Love, which is the best ingredient found in any relationship. When we consider how important Love is in every layer of living, we can rejoice at all our opportunities to bring more of it into our lives. As we swim around in this reality, we are growing, being healed, giving and receiving…Love. As obvious as this is – we still need the skill and the will to pursue it, within ourselves. We need the wisdom of knowing how to express our regard for others in the most artistic way. It becomes more and more evident: Love is the great universal key to the kingdom which is within us. We need only accept its invitation. There is no one perfect way to Love. Love’s perfection is more than enough.

Peace, Dorsey

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