What Love Looks Like…

Wherever we are, there is an already established pattern telling us how to think. (Every action begins with a thought.) It is a combination of genetics, environment – including religion, and political leanings.  Our perception of everything is filtered through this pattern.  We need to learn how to walk through this world of shadows with our own light. And we have to learn how to discern truth.  Truth is what keeps us alive.  Truth, Love, Gratitude, Laughter and Beauty are our guide posts.

When we ask ourselves what Love looks like…that quest becomes our compass.  The only necessary instrument for guidance.  Love becomes the glass we see life through.  We get to know it as the main colour in our own pattern for thinking.   A pathway of fearless appreciation for both shadow and light.  We learn to see with the eyes of our heart.  We learn what Love truly is.  The inspiration for our greatest piece of art.

Peace to all of you – Dorsey

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    1. Candy, I read this comment a long time ago, today I appreciate once again just how funny you are. I love you loads.

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