She Loves Me Too

Do you remember me saying how I love Scotland? I actually believe she loves me too. In John O’Donohue’s, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, he said : “Has it occurred to you that the earth herself, the place you love most, actually loves you back?” It pleases me to believe Scotland might love me back. We all live in this world of mystery. A place of sadness and joy. A place where nothing seems real until death reminds us of what is not. I am humbled by all I do not know, and encouraged to give my attention to the present moment .

It’s nearly time for me to leave Scotland again. I am still in love with these lovely hills , with her mystical light and with the grace given me by these authentic Celtic souls.

I will be in Park City, UT for a solo art show on February 17th – at Thomas Anthony Gallery. If you are near, please stop by!

And wherever you are, have a Happy New Year! Dorsey

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