Now This is Living!

Now this is living a new blog post by Dorsey McHugh

Now this is living!

My perception of reality has been altered by my perception of what is important.  One sees what one wants to see.  I am not sure why, but sometimes we choose to think about what we fear.  This might be because fear is powerful.  But more likely it is because faith takes more work. It’s a fight after all.  The good fight of faith.   Our choice in dismissing fear for truth is vital. Faith in our hopes and our dreams is ultimately more powerful.  The whole thing is set up this way.  When we are disciplined in our thinking.  When we think on the good and the positive, we get more of the positive.  This is why I am beginning more and more to focus on ways to celebrate.  I’m thinking we can have the party, before the answers materialize.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the reality of things not yet seen.  So, lets celebrate!!!!!

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  1. Hi Dorsey, your thinking about things doesn’t seem to change…still similar to our conversations of 50 years ago…That time period seems so unreal. Did we EVER think we would make it to where we are today ? I didn’t .
    So, Where does your Faith come from ?

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