Trusting You

Trusting You a new painting and blog post by Dorsey McHugh

TRUSTING YOU – 8X8 – acrylic on board

Relationship offers, among many other things, sanctuary.  Every honest relationship makes us a part of a safety net for others and for ourselves.  Honesty is one key.  When we are vulnerable and accountable to others, we open ourselves to new possibilities.  With trial and error at times, we find out who we really are.  We give acceptance and structure to the invisible construct of community.  We gain access to another’s view.  We are able to aim higher because we are climbing this mountain while tethered to it by the wisdom of  “a multitude of counselors”.   We all want the freedom of mind to live in love. 

5 thoughts on “Trusting You”

  1. Lovely words & beautiful painting! I will be watching for the book to arrive…Glad you had a good rest in Florida with your friends! Kay

    1. It is true, Sarah. Really i think the most difficult aspect of this honesty is being willing to “see” ourselves more and more clearly. We have carefully constructed the illusions we hide behind. Art parallels life all the time.

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