Sailing Free

Sailing Free new blog post and painting by Dorsey

Sailing Free

Those 2 words paint such a picture.  I’m listening to Jeff Black singing his song “Same Old River”.  I have loved his music for a very long time. His voice is filled with soul, his lyrics are an example of “true” art.  Before I knew my own mind about that, I knew Jeff was living in the heart of it.  So, I’m listening to him.  I am letting the music dance around inside me while the lyrics keep me upright.  Finding art is part of what keeps me breathing. It is reason enough to worship and rejoice.  Reason enough to be thankful in every moment.  At times, I have been tempted to think the glass is half empty.  Now the scale is tipping consistently toward the glass being half full.  In addition to that, I am moving in the direction of finding the glass running over. I know now that the fastest way to peace is to help someone else be thankful.  The quickest way to success is to help someone else succeed.  When we give grace to someone else, we deposit into our own account that same grace.  We will find mercy when we sow it. At just the right moment, we will find ourselves “sailing free”.

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