through the eyes of a child a new painting by dorsey mchugh

THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD… (8×8/oil on canvas)

Love will never get old. It is as if I woke up one day andcrossed over into a new land. Now I am aware of how love feels when I walk in it. I know a little of what “living in love” is like. What’s more, it will never end. Love is indestructible. Real love is eternal.

We have all sorts of things in this life which are designed to remind us that Love is a living force. Love is light. It lives all by itself. Jesus said we need to become like little children. Is that referring to the wonder a child feels when becoming acquainted with this creation we all live in? How is it possible we take this life for granted? How can we forget how amazing it is to look up into a night sky? This is why I need to go to the ocean sometimes. I long to stand in awe. I want to put my feet into it and feel the connection with all the vast, mysterious life which exists completely in its own world. I feel the connection of other lives, looking at and standing in this same body of water. We can all benefit from becoming reacquainted with mystery. We all need to see through the eyes of a child…
Happy Holidays from Dorsey McHugh Fine Art! For the 2nd year, Dorsey is offering a series of paintings, 8×8, oil on canvas – for a special price this season, $300. The paintings will also be posted on her blog – If you would like to purchase one of the paintings, you can contact us at [email protected] or by phone/text to Susan at 615-293-3623.
Frame can be added for $50. Shipping and handling is $25, if not locally purchased.