Use your imagination! God smiles…..

use your imagination a new painting by dorsey mchugh
USE YOUR IMAGINATION (8×8/oil on canvas)
Use your imagination!  God smiles…..

Flowers are a lovely gift.  I appreciate them more and more.  I love cutting them from the bushes in my yard, putting them in vases, finding their place in my home.  I love the whole ritual. They give me joy every time I look at them. When I paint flowers, I like to have no plan.  Flowers very nearly paint themselves.  I got the thought last night, as I began this painting, that flowers are the most simple way we can observe the imagination of God.  I pictured Him with the idea of a new flower.  I could see Him painting it in his mind first, then he decided to paint them all without a plan.  He did it to have some fun and to remind us to use our imaginations.

Happy Holidays from Dorsey McHugh Fine Art!  For the 2nd year, Dorsey is offering a series of paintings,  8×8, oil on canvas – for a special price this season, $300.   The paintings will also be posted on her blog – If you would like to purchase one of the paintings, you can contact us at [email protected] or by phone/text to Susan at 615-293-3623. 
Frame can be added for $50. Shipping and handling is $25, if not locally purchased.