A Merry Heart

dorsey“She sings for her meals most days…and she loves it.  This art is
what sustains her spirit.  She never loses interest in its rich
treasure.  When people stop to listen, they think all sorts of things
about her.  Most are living in a smaller world and see very little of
what is “true”.  There is something lovely and fulfilling and hypnotic
about how little she needs beyond her muse. It is difficult not to
long for that nameless lover once you have seen his fruit in someone
else.  Very few understand that her heart is merry because she is
hearing a song she alone can hear…………..so she sings.”
-Dorsey McHugh-

A Merry Heart – limited edition giclee (series of 150) – hand-embellished by Dorsey on stretched canvas, ready for framing or gallery-wrapped and no framing is needed. They are available in 4 sizes:
24×18 – $425 (stretched canvas) or $475 (gallery-wrapped canvas)
30×24 – $650 (stretched canvas) or $700 (gallery-wrapped canvas)
If you are interested in purchasing a giclee, please contact Susan Miller at info@83k.c8a.myftpupload.com or phone at 615.293.3623.
Thank you! Susan
Dorsey McHugh Fine Art

“Everything will line up perfectly when knowing and living the truth becomes more important than looking good.” – Alan Cohen –

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